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Developing the Green Economy in Chicago

The future of Chicago is colored green. It isn’t exactly a new story, but the business opportunities that seek to make a green vision pay entrepreneurs green dollars became more apparent at a September 10 event, Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship, sponsored by the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Environmentally conscious practices in all areas of society designated by “green” are gaining momentum but not  [...Continue Reading]
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Collin in the Spotlight!

Collin was recently recognized by both Chicago’s Social Media Club and local technology columnist Ron May. In last week’s The May Report newsletter, Ron applauded Collin for spreading the word around town about the upcoming MIT EF Whiteboard Challenge. He considers Collin’s actions a welcome sign of teamwork among Chicago’s technology organizations. Collin was also interviewed at the Social Media Club’s April event in  [...Continue Reading]
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On How a Communicator Communicates

I attended an Executives’ Club of Chicago breakfast this past week, and was surprised to see more than 400 attendees at an event during subzero weather in our city. What drew so many people to this breakfast? A perfect topic for our  economy: “Accountable Marketing: What to Measure and How to Measure It.” (This organization has consistently put together high-value speakers for its breakfasts  [...Continue Reading]
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