Category: Graphic Design

A History of Printing

Inspiration is key at Canright. It is a part of everything we do. To celebrate what inspires us, each week we present Canright Inspiration. This week, Collin presented on the history of typography and printing. Collin says, “check out my inspiration presentation to my firm, drawing in my experience growing up at my family’s newspaper, The Chesterton Tribune. I covered stories I heard of  [...Continue Reading]
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Graphic Design Trend of the Year

Flat design went from Microsoft’s operating system to mainstream print in 2013, making flat design our pick for graphic design trend of the year. Flat design eschews the 3D look of beveled edges in graphics, featuring a distinctly two-dimensional look, often with bold colors. It emphasizes typographical simplicity and readability.The flat-design look and probably the term originated with Microsoft in its mobile and Windows  [...Continue Reading]
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Think Like A Designer

Often, when working with clients on creating presentations, I find that they want to include too much information—all in an effort to make it great. This is what I call the "kitchen-sink approach," and it's driven by the fear of leaving out something essential. However, a truly great presentation has only a few key ideas that are illustrated with compelling images and minimal text.
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