Case Studies Show Results

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Case Studies Show Results

“Show, don’t tell” is a long-standing admonition to writers, in addition to being Liza Doolittle’s exhortation, “Show me,” to Freddy Eynsford-Hill as he awkwardly professes his love in the movie “My Fair Lady.”

In marketing communications and public relations, the case study provides the best way to show what you do. By letting a customer speak about the results they receive as a result of your product and solution, you gain credibility as you educate potential customers on how your product or service works.

You build even more credibility when your case study gets published in an industry publication, as happened with Canright client GTreasury, a provider of treasury workstation software and services. The case study we wrote on how Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores grew its business without increasing treasury staff was published in the May 2010 issue of AFP Exchange, the journal of the Association of Financial Professionals, the treasury industry’s primary professional group.

Titled “Small Treasury, Big Results: How a Four-Person Treasury Team Handles a $17 Billion Business,” the article credited treasury automation and the reorganization and streamlining of procedures for the increase in efficiencies. GTreasury’s software played a major role in the automation process.

One of the reasons this case study works so well is that GTreasury’s role in the story is peripheral. It’s not a story of how GTreasury’s software improved a company. It’s a story of how a company improved its operations, using GTreasury’s software as one of its tools, thereby showing what GTreasury does for a company without directly promoting the software.

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