AT&T Hand Painting Ads

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AT&T Hand Painting Ads

I’ve frequented O’Hare a few times over the past month or so and have noticed these strange ads for AT&T displayed throughout the terminals. What are those royal guards wearing on their heads? It’s not quite a hat…oh wait, they’re hands!

And the leopards, and even the grass…those are hands, too!

Apparently, the person responsible for these hand paintings is Guido Daniele, an established Italian artist who does everything from these “Handimals” to illustration, photography and video. I feel that these pieces are more works of art than advertising. But I guess it’s OK for the two worlds to collaborate.

I love ads that make you stop, look and think about them. This campaign series is unique and definitely makes you look twice—my initial reaction was that of mild bewilderment.

I found this close-up of his work on a design blog, but you can see the rest of the AT&T series, as well as his other work, on Daniele’s portfolio site.