About Us

Canright Communications, a Chicago B2B content marketing agency, creates alignment and builds connections for marketing and sales results. We excel in making the complex understandable, translating technical concepts into persuasive copy that identifies key selling points and explains them in a way that nontechnical executives and decision-makers can understand.

We express your unique point of view, developing content that engages your audience and makes them want to know more.

We make complexity compelling.

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Collin Canright

I seek to lead toward the ideal state of an organization and client in any given project. As a consultant, I am known for my subject matter expertise but valued for my ability to create rapport and build relationships.


I help organizations, market, sell, and develop business by communicating how they solve problems and provide value. I have worked with global financial institutions, community banks, hedge funds, FinTech startups, international IT firms, consulting firms, software developers, manufacturers, architecture and engineering firms, schools, associations, and publishers


I became fascinated with electronic banking and payments in the mid-1980s and continue to work with banks and financial technology firms. See the FinTech Rising website for posts on the future of money, banking, and payments.


I am also an adjunct faculty member at the Wright Foundation, where he coaches emerging leaders and salespeople.

Alexandra Sulack

Alexandra Sulack joined Canright as an Admin/Marketing Coordinator in 2016, where she’s quickly become an indispensable member of the team. Along with helping the office run smoothly, Alexandra’s duties include performing website updates, coordinating social media platforms for Canright and its clients, and writing and editing articles, blogs and emails.


A graduate of North Park University, Alexandra holds a Master of Music in Vocal Performance. She believes communication is key to understanding and building relationships, whether that’s through her work at Canright, performing music or advancing the lineage of vocal music through teaching.


Outside of work, Alexandra runs her own voice lesson studio in North Center where she teaches students and somehow finds time to be the marketing and communications director (we think she’s acquired Hermione’s Time Turner). Alexandra is an avid photographer specializing in headshots and stage photography.

Dr. Karen Terry

Karen is one of the most versatile writers you’ll find. She worked in media relations and copywriting for one of Chicago’s leading agencies in B2B integrated marketing communications, where she developed marketing collateral, branding support, articles, online ads, press releases, messaging, and video scripts.


In addition to creative work, her responsibilities included day-to-day client contact, strategic planning and reporting responsibilities. She was also a member of award-winning client account and PR teams.


For Canright, she is a  “Swiss-army-knife-versatile” communicator for a wide range of clients. If we have something difficult, we give it to Karen, knowing she will make it shine.


Karen is also a coach and faculty member at the Wright Graduate University, where she completed her doctorate in education in 2016. Her work focuses on coaching that helps clients emerge into the next stage of their potential.

Tani Kickham

Tani figures out how things work and writes about it. She’s in the middle of it making sense of it all, regardless of how technical and difficult to understand. To say she’s a quick study is an understatement.


Tani has nearly 15 years of experience creating documentation in various technologies. Her extensive background in both technical and business communications provides the ability to communicate the complexities of the product/service line for various levels of target audiences.


Tani creates web content, white papers, in-depth technical and user manuals, online help, and quick reference guides.

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