A Whole New Web Site via YouTube

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A Whole New Web Site via YouTube

Just when people are getting comfortable with the world of Web 2.0, BooneOakley, an advertising agency out of Charlotte, NC, decided to stir things up with their one-of-a-kind, interactive web site, published on YouTube.


Innovative? Creative? Crazy?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Though the layout/content of the web site video is minimalistic, it speaks volumes about the company. You don’t need to reach the “About us” marker in the progress bar to know that these guys are humorous and clever. And upon viewing their work, you’ll see that your assumptions are confirmed.

My only complaint is that because the format and functions of the web site are unconventional, it takes a little time to get used to. I think that people who are not as accustomed to the web might get a little lost as to how to interact with their “web site.” Or, maybe it’s time we redefine what a web site is.

Innovation is about taking risks—BooneOakley certainly dares to be different!

What do you think?