A Solution to Consider for Your Print Collateral

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A Solution to Consider for Your Print Collateral

Many of the businesses we work with want stand-out marketing pieces but don’t want to break their bank.

Stationery and sellsheets are good examples of these sorts of marketing collateral. Most businesses prefer these be customized and include the company’s current information.

One of our law firm clients, for example, lists all of its attorneys on the first page of its letterhead. Yet, as attorneys come and go, it’s not cost-effective to professionally print new stationery every time someone new joins the firm.

Our solution to this is to offer clients the option to print their own stationery and other marketing materials without having to go to an outside vendor. As a designer who’s trained in programs like Adobe InDesign, I’m hesitant to say it, but the solution we offer is customized templates in Microsoft Word.

We can design a custom template in Word that reflects the integrity of our clients’ branding. Even for the avid Word user, trying to create a sharp (and stable) layout in Word is no walk in the park. We do the grunt work and give our clients the template that’s easy to use and easy to edit.

By having a custom template in Word, our clients, like the law firm I mentioned, are able to swap out names on letterhead and print in-house, saving time and money.

With the money they save, we encourage clients to print their materials on paper other than standard copier paper. We’ll give recommendations for what type of paper to use. There is an excellent paper supplier with a store in Chicago, which offers affordable reams of high-quality papers.

We’re always looking for ways to decrease your costs without sacrificing design quality. If you’d like more information, give us a call!