2009 Year-in-Review and Trends Links

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2009 Year-in-Review and Trends Links

It’s a quiet week, a time for contemplation, review, and planning. Especially review. The best-of lists—for the year and the decade—started some weeks ago. I started to get caught up last week. My Delicious bookmarks from the last couple of days shows:

  • A best-of selection of social media, content marketing, and media links
  • A few realistic views on social media marketing
  • Some initial economic overview stories

Best-of Media and Marketing Links16 Must-Read B2B Marketing Strategy Ebooks
A survey of ebooks from lead generation to case study writing. “The New Rules of. . . ” from David Meerman Scott leads title trends.

10 Must-Read eBooks for Social Media Lovers
Great list of social media and marketing related ebooks.

75 Best Business Blogs of 2009
A broad list covering all areas of business—and it includes some of my favorites.

Top 50 Social Media Stories 2009
A selection of the best social media blog posts from 2009.

10 News Media Content Trends to Watch in 2010
Personal and company news streams, as well as mobile, lead the list.

100 Social Media & Content Marketing Predictions for 2010
More than 100 predictions from 70 of the top content marketing minds in the world. Trends include video, mobile, outsourcing, quality, and offline.

Social Media Realism LinksThe word of the year for Internet marketers is…
Is social media dangerous to your wealth? Focus on sales. Focus on markets. Focus on traffic and conversion. And not so much on this year’s new tools.

Anti-Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing as a demand-generation tool is not yet understood. “Old” methods drive most business. Semi-contrarian view I agree with.

The More than RSS Market
Article and links on state and future of RSS market—we see RSS as more useful as a back-end publishing tool than a front-end reader.

How Can Social Media Help Small Biz?
Lead generation is the top benefit but the statics are mixed. Bottom line is small businesses do not understand nor know how to tap social network marketing, reports eMarketer.

Economic Overview LinksThe Big Economic Stories of 2009, and What’s to Come
Review of the year in business from The New York Times.

The Past Decade in 50 Headlines
A decade of economic bubbles as seen in the headlines by the Motley Fool.

State of Mobile Banking Market in New England
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston survey published in August 2009 from 2008 data. In electronics, 2009 was the year of the smartphone—the mobile era is upon us.

The 2008 Survey of Consumer Payment Choice
Survey by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston on the transformation of consumer payments to electronic from paper. More new choices. Same old story.